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Distinguished Characteristics ”G

Eagle Fly (E-FLY) is a special group of people who are physically challenged. They work from home through the Internet. They live in many different counties in Taiwan.
By utilizing online video and virtual conferencing group work, Eagle Fly creates a working environment that combines technology with humanity.

The unique characteristics of Efly:

Members of E-FLY have been through life and death situations and some are on the verge of total paralysis. They have written many stories that are based on their survival experiences.
With mutual trust and E-FLY's organizational flexibility, E-FLY is able to work well together in a virtual working environment.
E-FLY works to open new markets without directly competing with others in the industry
E-FLY lowers operational cost by using the low-cost resources of the Internet.
E-FLY allows the group to work from home, which is good because their physical constraints don't allow them to travel to work.

E-FLY's service opportunities:

Traditional network-information work. Exa mples: website designs, server hosting, networking activities, and e-commerce.
Modern network-information work. Examples: hosting digital online classrooms and checking website accessibility.
The creation and promotion of market value and social services in the future. Example: public welfare information services.

E-FLY's ground-breaking points in the past few years:

2006 - Accepting Taiwan Institute f or Information Industry's request to update the website of Digital Content Institute; meanwhile, carrying out Professor's Blog, Public Information Services, and etc.
Significance: The ability to produce high quality websites is recognized by many major corporations. While members are achieving their dreams and enhancing their self-worth, E-FLY will bravely carry on their work in Public Information Services.

2004 - E-FLY completed

Significance”G In six months, E-FLY finished all parts of the e- commerce websites independently.

2003 - E-FLY completed case Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training

Significance ”GParticipated in a government project for the first time, and demonstrated strength in website design and market research.

2001 - E-FLY's Online Animation Contest attained the highest award prize in Taiwan's history.

Significance ”G These public network contests were produced by E-FLY

whose members are very physically challenged . This proved that they were capable of organizing professional activities.

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