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A SOHO team consisted of 7 severe Spinal Cord Injured (SCI) computer experts, who lived in different locations in Taiwan, was formed in March 2001. These people work together on the Internet and call themselves Eaglefly (E-fly).

The mission of E-fly is to develop an effective on-line vocational training and working model to demonstrate the possibility and ability of people with severe disabilities to get trained and work at home as a group to execute technically-complicated IT tasks.

After five-months of on-line training, E-fly successfully won a contract, in September 2001, from a private non-profit foundation to carry out a web campaign project called "Taiwan Happy Event (THE)". THE is the first large web-based campaign proposed and executed fully by people with severe disabilities in Taiwan. E-fly also is capable of providing web-site surveying, marketing, promoting, analyzing, planning and designing

Success of E-fly in Taiwan attracts attention from the world. It's believed that similar models can be applied to people with disabilities in other countries. To form an international E-fly organization will be the ultimate goal so that we can put full force of modern science and technology to help any people with severe disabilities in the world to live and work with dignity at last.

E-mail: Dr. Michael Chou, efly.npo@gmail.com

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